What Is A Fiber Optic Patch Panel? How Is It Used?

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Fiber Optic Patch Panel is used mostly for fiber optic cable management and also is known as a Fiber Distribution Panel.

It helps network operators reduce cable clutter when fiber optic cables are built.

Industrial Applications

It terminates the optical fiber cable and allows access for cross-connection to individual cable fibers.

They are also referred to as end units and are used to secure the split units and connectors. The fiber optic patch panels can be equipped with connection panels, connectors, patch cords, associated trunk cables, and cable management is common.

Network techniques can quickly connect cable fibers through cross-connection, test the patch panel and link it to lightwave systems with the use of fiber optic patch cables.

These panels are also utilized as a point of limit demarcation for making the individual cable fibers.


There are three types of optical fiber panels: the din rail, the rack, and the wall, all of which are frequently situated next to the terminating device.

These patch panels fic, manage and protect the fiber optic cables in the case simultaneously.

1. Optic Fiber Patch Panel of Din Rail

The fiber box is mounted on the Din Rail Framework with 35mm of standard design. These patch panels are appropriate for installation on Din Rail Panels where space limitations occur within PLCs. It is excellent for industrial applications because of its compact and rugged constructed casing.

6 port Din Rail Patch Panel
6 Port Din Rail Fiber Patch Panel

In a cabinet with other Din Rail Equipment, a Din Rail Enclosure can be mounted. Din Rail Mounting Enclosure keeps the patching near the active equipment it supports and decreases cable management within the cabinet.

These panels fix and handle the fiber wires inside the box and simultaneously protect them.

2. Optical Patch Panel Wall Mount

The Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel/LIU supports the splitting of fusion or direct ending of the fibers. This modular box offers the [possibity of cross-connecting and connecting the outdoor cables and FTTH drop cables in fiber access networks, splicing and terminating them.

Our Fiber Patch Panels with Wall Mounts consists of 16-gauge mild steel with seven tank-based process powder coating, resistant to corrosion. Fiber Wall case provides a wide range of fiber management systems (FMS) that are fully compatible with fiber adapters of the industrial grade.

8 Port Wall Mount Patch Panel

The Fiber Terminal Box FTTH series is designed to deliver rapid fiber patching and storage ends. It is also used for medium-size FTTx indoor applications(MDU). It also is used for indoor applications.

The three primary features of our Wall Mounting Fiber Patch Panels are Fiber splicing, cable winding, storage, and interface administration. The enclosure utilizes high-quality metal sheets and electrostatic spray surface technology that offer safety and good endurance. It is the perfect design for networking buildings & campuses.

3. Optical Patch Panel Fiber Rack Mount

The Fiber Patch Panels for back-mounting fiber enable cross-connecting and connecting capabilities for OFC cables and fiber network access pigtail.

Din Rail and splice boxes are offered with a pre-loaded connection interface in data cabinets. These 19" Fiber enclosures are perfect for LAN connection or cross-connection patching of high density. Highly confident patch panels of Unisol Fiber offer user- friendly which bring the next level of fiber patching.

48 port Standard Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel

Our fiber mounting racks are built upon hundreds of feedback from our customers and almost two decades of our own experienced team's experience in installation.

Fiber Optic Patch has new characteristics that make fiber optic connectivity installation and troubleshooting faster, and less expensive. These fiber panels are designed to be fitted in a 19" rack with a two-panel model detachable.


Power Systems & Controls, Oil & Gas Industries, Rail Signaling & Control Systems, CCTV & Monitoring Applications are all employed with Din Rail Fiber Optic Patch Panels.

Fiber Patch Wall Mounting Panels employed in the outer facilities, mining & Military, Road and Rail, Ship and Shore, Subway Boxes, and Industrial Uses.

In Central Offices (FTTx), Data Centers, Telecommunications Networks, Power Systems and Controls, Security Surveillance Applications, Rackmount Fiber Optical Patch PAnels are employed.



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